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So, here it is my Sheridan Portfolio for the application to Bachelor of Animation.

 I worked on a really short time period, because I was so focused on CalArts Portfolio and then on my new uninstructed workshop. But, here's the result of a couple of weeks of work! If I could work a little longer a would change a couple of things.. but deadlines are deadlines!

Sheridan requirements are pretty strict: different section, just the drawing they ask, no one more. That's why I put some of the guidelines they give in each section.


Hand Drawing -two freehand line drawings of a human hand
• The first should show the hand anticipating an action (e.g. about to pick up a coin, about to
knock on a door, about to press a button, etc.).
• The second should show the hand carrying out that action.



Choose one of the character designs provided (Jane or John) and using the four-panel
storyboard show the character as it goes through the following narrative:

• Panel 1 - One of the characters finds an object.
• Panel 2 - The character shows curiosity about the object.
• Panel 3 - The character attempts to use the object to accomplish a goal.
• Panel 4 - The character reacts after the goal is…or is not… achieved.


A) Household objects composition sheet.
B) Same objects, show how the objects would look if they were affected by some external force. This should tell us a story of what happened to the objects

A) The first drawing should be an accurate observation of the room and should show a person,drawn in scale, sitting, standing or reclining in that space.
B) The second drawing should be the same room from that person’s point of view.


And finally, my score sheet... which looks like unreal... 4.00 out of 4.00


  1. YES YES YES!! I love your animal drawings and your character, Egan, is hilarious. I'm glad you revamped your storyboards too. They're much better this way!

    Take a deep breath, Camillo. You did it! Your newly acquired drawing skill is something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

  2. Thank you man! Your suggestions really did the difference in the storyboard! Now it's time for Denmark's portfolio.. and wait for answers from the others.

  3. I can't wait for next year, everyone is so talented! Great work Camillo!!

  4. Hi! I love your portfolio, I can only hope mine will be half as good haha. I was wondering if you could tell me about how you do those structure line :) I'm having a lot of trouble with them.

    1. Hey! Thank you!!! Well, drawing structure is mainly a matter of practice. I try to think of simple geometrical forms and then make them more organic forms. Once you grab the concept, is just a matter of drawing and try.. draw through is the key word that all teachers told me, as if the forms you are creating are made of glass.
      Be simple first.. teachers sometime skips the simplest steps because they have experience, but if you are learning... try to work in a step by step process... build your figure.

      Peter Han is great in simplify things in geometric shapes

      He teaches in L.A. and even online at CGMA Academy. You can look for "dynamic sketching" in google images.. so you can see samples of simple forms and how to draw structure on it.

      I hope it was helpful. The point is: there's not a short way, I looked for it.. but none. The only way is keep drawing.

      Good Luck!

    2. Wow this is super late but I guess I wasn't expecting you to really reply and forgot about it...haha.
      Thank you so much for the informative reply! Very helpful :)
      I'll definitely be checking all this stuff out. Hope you're having fun at Sheridan.
      Thanks again

    3. Hello! Thanks a lot for your fantastic portfolio! But will you help me please, what are the blue lines in your works? Is it necessary to show the structure lines in the pictures?

    4. Hi! Sure I can help you. So, if you meant which kind of pencil I used for the blue lines, it's a prismacolor col-erase pencil.

      The structure is important, so you should show it a little bit, but do not over state it. If you over state the structure line, the drawing starts looking a little fuzzy and less appealing, I think. A good way is to use two different colors, a light one for the structure and a darker one for the final lines. In this way you are showing them that you know how to build your figure, but at the same time it has a nice look and quality of line.

      I hope it might helps!
      Let me know if you have other questions!

      Good luck!


    5. hi plz help me to improve my animation skill where i have to start and what is the core of animation which i have to hold firmly as like drawing in painting

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  6. WoW you are so genius. I love your portfolio. I am also preparing the Sheridan College Animation portfolio. But I wonder what size do I have to use? Some requirements are required (Character rotation, expression sheets, action pose sheets are 8.5"x11") right? However, rest of them are not fixed. So I am confused... Could you answer me?

    1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words.

      I cannot fully answer you because my experience was as international, so I submitted my portfolio by mail and I didn't dropped my work in person at portfolio day. By mail you have to submit everything on a 8.5"x11" size paper. You can draw bigger in some case, but they always want to see the original. Howevar I am pretty sure that sizes where wrote clearly in the submission sheet you get once you you ask to apply. In it there is the character that you have to use for storyboard and all the requirements of that year.

      I know I submitted a photocopy for life drawing and personal work because they were too big. Animals and all the rest where originals on 8.5"x11".

      I am sorry I cannot be more helpful. If you have other question please ask. And if you are in sheridan next year in art fundies or something, don't esitate to ask me in person for feedback if needed.

      Good luck!

  7. Wow, your portfolio is fantastic! I just came across it, and I love the animal drawings and your sculpture especially. I want to apply to Sheridan, and was wondering if you could clear something up for me; what do they mean by "line quality" on the score sheet, and what do they look for when marking that section? Thanks!

    1. Hey! Sorry if I am answering late.

      Line quality is a bit difficult to define: I would say it is the fluidity and confidence in your line. When do you use a darker line? Where do you choose to fade it? How the different strokes works together... This is how I would explain it. It's a bit hard to explain just using words I think (at least for me)

  8. bro,your portfolio was amazing,i just wanted to know about the hand drawings if i am doing them right.can you please give your email?

    1. my email is on my website

      anyway here it is

      Sorry for the late reply!
      I hope I can help!

  9. I am sure you are continuously getting positive comments. I am sorry, but I too have to compliment your work. I am sure you have improved from before, and now, but my god. You have inspired my to do more! Thanks Clauser. As everyone does, I too have a few questions if you don't mind answering them.
    How long did it take you do the life drawing? Meaning how long did you spend time to do the final? Did you trace it after doing a rough? And for your personal life drawing, did you draw them all in one sheet (8.5X11) or drawn them individually, and maybe scanned them together?

    How on earth were you able to design such a beautiful character. Not evening know this character, just by looking at him, you have any guesses to what his personality, and traits maybe.

    Thank you again for positing your work, I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for the kind words! My new work is on my website

      Getting to your questions: Life drawing i don't remember how long they were... sorry. For sure they weren't traced over after. I just made them on the spot with the model.

      About the character: I was at a costume life drawing class I organized back in Italy and i dressed up the model as BraveHeart warrior. I was drawing him and this character came out. I only took the original idea and just did the turn around, poses and expressions. Life is a great inspiration for characters.

      I hope this might help a bit. Please feel free to ask me more if i wasn't clear!

      See you at Sheridan I guess?
      Wish you the best,

  10. I am really surprised at your work! Very nice.

    I have one question that how to know the character for storyboard section. I couldn't find any information on storyboard...

    1. Thank you for the ind words. About the character: Once you ask to apply to Sheridan, they will send you this year requirements. Within that document, there is the character design you will have to use for that year application.

      I hope this might help.

    2. And sorry for the late reply

  11. Did you take any after school/weekend art classes to improve your skills before applying to Sheridan?

  12. Did you take any after school/weekend art classes to improve your skills before applying to Sheridan?

    1. Hi Prima!

      Good question! I actually wasn't up to the level when i applied first to CalArts and Sheridan. So I was lucky enough to spend 6months in Los Angeles and take evening classes with Glenn Vilppu, Mark McDonnell, Karl Gnass and other classes in different places. Animation Guild was the cheapest and had amazing teachers there.

      In summer, after i got accepted i took Peter Han Dynamic Sketching2 online on CGMA.
      Now a good place to have videos at cheap price in New Master Acdemy in my opinion.

      (Also.. i got into Sheridan but not in my level wasn't up there yet i guess)

      I hope i answered your question!
      :) Camillo

  13. Hey awesome portfolio. Im planning on applying this year but am having trouble with final lines. What would you suggest for making final lines over the structure lines (pencil, pen, marker...etc.)

  14. Hey can you please help me out?
    In line quality, do you make meaty parts thick and bony parts thin, or do you make parts under shadow thick and under light, thin??